Saturday, January 10, 2009


Out of the Attic: Leveraging Women's Experience of Otherness in the Evangelical Christian Church was completed, submitted & approved in March 2007. In the almost two years since then I've gotten married and I've given birth to a bright and energetic baby boy. So it's taken me & the thesis cat a little while to get our work posted. We're excited to have it up and to be sharing it with you.

The document is laid out here as a blog, such that each section heading titles its own posting. You can read from start to finish or you can pick & choose using the Table of Contents in the right hand margin.

Also like a blog you can post comments to each section. I invite you to leave your reactions, ideas, parts of your story, etc. I'll respond and maybe other readers will too.

Finally, please note that this document is copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. You can learn more about that here or at the very bottom of this page.

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Pink Heels said...

This is an absolutely fascinating read. I have always wondered about the Evangelical movement and its impact on women. However, I have had no interest in joining the club in order to learn. Your thesis provided a very candid snapshot into this world. Thank you for sharing it. You should consider having it published.

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